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The Value of a Smile

The Value of a Smile


What is the true value of a smile? Just how important is it to be able to smile with confidence, to be proud of your smile?

I have come to realize that a smile is very important indeed. Years of pain and embarrassment in the expressions of people who are unhappy or even ashamed of their smile can be very evident. I have also witnessed dramatic increases in the self-esteem and confidence of people who have had major improvements in their smile.

The ability to give patients the smile they have always wanted is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My team and I are constantly inspired by the emotional experiences that our patients feel when they see their smile enhanced.

How is this transformation achieved? A cosmetic dentist utilizes many procedures to help achieve the desired outcome. Some of these tools are crowns, veneers, bonding, tooth-colored fillings, and whitening procedures. This is by no means a complete list.

Teeth can be straightened in a procedure called “instant orthodontics” in as little as two visits. Short, worn teeth can be lengthened to give a much more youthful appearance as well as providing better function. Tipped and canted smiles can be corrected. Uneven gum lines can be made more symmetrical as well. A good analogy is if the teeth are the picture, then the gums are the matting, the lips the frame, and the face is the wall on which the picture hangs. Great attention must be paid to achieve harmony to the greatest degree possible. The availability of other specialists such as orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and endodontists are sometimes essential.
Research has shown that what people perceive as beautiful or aesthetic is really the symmetry that occurs in nature. The symmetry of nature is awe-inspiring and has influenced the human race for ages. Artists and architects have sought to emulate and represent it in their works.

The cosmetic dentist actually does the same thing. His goal is to achieve to the greatest degree possible the natural form, function, and symmetry of a person’s smile in harmony with his face.

Much study has been done to find out what factors aesthetically-pleasing smiles have in common. The form, proportion, inclinations, and symmetry of natural uncrowded, unworn smiles can be studied and emulated in creating a new smile. Proportions of width to length of individual teeth, of one tooth to another, and the inclination of the teeth in relation to each other and in the context of the face are all very important. Color, hue, shade, and brightness or value are also important but not nearly so as the proper form, function, and symmetry in harmony with the face.

With today’s newer materials, the desired color, shade, or brightness is not that difficult to achieve. However, the proper shapes and symmetry require a much higher degree of training and skill of both the cosmetic dentist and his ceramist.

An outstanding ceramist is absolutely crucial to achieving the patient’s desired outcome. The ceramist knows how to provide the desired color, shade, texture, and translucence and can provide these restorations in harmony with the patient’s face.

Modern materials and techniques along with years of study of the art and science of creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles make it possible to provide absolutely stunning improvements in a person’s smile. The effect this can have on self-esteem and confidence can be immeasurable.

The reasons for wanting a new smile are many. Some women in the golden years of their lives, feel significantly younger because their new smile makes them look more youthful. Women in sales have significantly improved their sales records, simply because they are more confident. Others increase self-esteem because they no longer hide behind a smile that embarrasses them.

Changing a smile is truly life changing.
-Dr. Taylor

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