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Virtually Pain Free Dental Work With Laser Dentistry

Virtually Pain Free Dental Work With Laser Dentistry

Dental work isn’t known for being particularly enjoyable or relaxing — but laser dentistry is changing that! Here at Taylor Cosmetic Dental we are proud to provide laser dentistry services.


More and more dentists are reaching for a laser instead of their drill or scalpel. Why? Less pain! While it does require our office to invest in laser equipment and training time, the pain-free benefits to our patients are worth it.

Laser dentistry is less painful than a drill because it uses light and energy to vaporize tissue on contact. These is less bleeding because the laser beam cauterizes the tissues. Less bleeding means less mess, shorter recovery, and less pain medication.

Traditional dental procedures done with a drill actually grind away your tooth material. That action (and the annoying sound that comes it) creates heat and pressure that result in pain. Many patients are also bothered by the vibration of dental drills. Laser dentistry eliminates these irritants.

Laser dentistry also eliminates the need for anesthetic in certain procedures. Many times to numb up your mouth for a treatment, we have to give you a shot — and for some, the shot is the worst part of the entire procedure! Some dentists estimate that laser dentistry allows them to do cavity repair prep with no local anesthesia in up to 70 percent of patients.


Lasers are also extremely hygienic and sterile. When we use a dental drill, we sterilize our instruments. But laser dentistry eliminates this opportunity for human error completely because the laser beams are sterile and no instruments need to be changed or cleaned.


Lasers are less invasive because they treat only the infected area and leave all other surrounding tissue alone. While dentists are very skilled at using dental drills, everything the drill comes in contact with can be damaged or disrupted. Lasers shrink the window of error in this regard.


Gum surgeries are some of the most common laser dentistry procedures. Lasers are very effective at cutting and shaping soft tissue with precision. Other soft tissue use of lasers includes the removal of sores and lesions, frenectomies, crown lengthening, and biopsies.

Laser treatments can also be performed on hard tissue to prepare teeth for fillings or take care of small cavities. For instance, we can use a laser to sterilize and enlarge a root canal. Lasers can even be used to help speed up the teeth whitening process!

Interested in laser dentistry? Chat with one of our friendly staff members about what types of procedures are available to you and your family.

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