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What Is The Best Toothbrush?

What Is The Best Toothbrush?

A lot of my patients ask me which is the best toothbrush, or which toothbrush they should use. This last year I discovered what I believe to be the best toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth rinse, but this short note will only touch on the toothbrush (more to come with the toothpaste and mouth rinse).

Hard Toothbrushing Will Scrub Away Your Teeth

When looking for a toothbrush, look for something SOFT. I seriously don’t understand why dental product companies make anything but soft toothbrushes. Medium bristled and especially hard bristled toothbrushes can, overtime, seriously damage your teeth and gums from abrasion. If you couple a hard bristled toothbrush with an aggressively abrasive toothpaste, you could literally be scrubbing your teeth away, little by little. You may feel like nothing is changing in your mouth, but over 20-30 years you could lose enough enamel and dentin for two or three life times.

Also, whatever soft toothbrush you decide to use, make sure you change the toothbrush every 3 months. Over time the soft bristles will break and wear out, making the toothbrush more abrasive.

My Family And I Use A Very Soft Toothbrush

Which toothbrush do I use? I absolutely love the Nimbus toothbrush. I call it the cloud brush because it is so soft it kind of feels like you’re brushing your teeth with a cloud. The inventor of this brush is a retired periodontal specialist, so he obviously is very knowledgable about what your teeth and gums need in order to be healthy.

When you use it the first time, especially if you’re used to brushing with a hard bristled brush, you may feel like the brush isn’t hard enough. Don’t worry about this and don’t brush too hard. The Nimbus is doing everything it needs to, as long as you’re spending 2-4 minutes brushing, and making sure to brush every surface of every tooth.

The nimbus comes in three different sizes: regular, compact, and the Nimby for children. You can order then from the Nimbus website directly, or from Amazon, or you can stop by my office and if you’re already a patient of record I’m happy to just give you one to try. So, if you’re like most people, throw that hard bristled brush in the trash and get the cloud brush, the Nimbus.

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