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10 Dental Hygiene Products You Should Get Your Kids

It can be difficult to get a child to properly care for their teeth. It is something that has to be taught until it becomes a habit and let’s be honest…some of us adults have a bit of trouble keeping up with our oral hygiene like we should.

Don’t worry, your kids aren’t doomed to cavities and bad breath. You can find some excellent products out there that will give your child the tools they need for a healthy mouth, no matter their age and unwillingness to pick up a toothbrush.

  1. GumChucks Kids – Of all of the things that seem impossible to get your child to do with any regularity. So why not make a game out of it? This kit uses an app, point system and fun characters to get your child to floss every day.
  2. Tooth Tissues – How young is too young to brush? Your baby probably doesn’t enjoy having their gums brushes, but these tissues are much more gentle. Just wipe your baby’s gums a couple times a day for a healthy mouth.
  3. Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Berry Blast Flouride Rinse – A flouride rince is an excellent way to keep teeth strong. But kids don’t like the harsh taste of mouth rinses, which are often a peppermint or wintergreen. This is a berry flavor that is pleasant to swish with.
  4. The Brushies – Once your kids get to the toddler age they can start learning to brush their own teeth. But holding a toothbrush can be difficult as they gain their dexterity. This is a great alternative that goes right on their finger.
  5. Plackers Kids 1st Floss – Sometimes it isn’t the flossing itself that kids object to, but how hard it is to use the floss itself. Pluckers are a plastic holder that comes with a line of floss. It is much easier to use, especially on back teeth.
  6. Philips Sonicare Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush for Kids – An electric toothbrush gets more done, faster. You are getting a lot more bang for every minute spent taking care of your chompers, so buying one for your impatient kid is a great idea. This one uses power and balances it with comfort for a soft, but effective, brush. So they can keep them pristine between cleanings.
  7. Zilactin-B Canker Sore Gel – Canker sores are miserable for anyone, but especially for children. This is an effective gel that helps to reduce the pain of canker sores, as well as begin to heal them faster.
  8. Flavored Bite Wafers – Originally meant for those with braces, these bite wafers can be used for anyone who is experiencing tooth pain. You bite gently down on the flavored disks for fifteen to twenty minutes a day to help with aches in the teeth and jaw.
  9. Dental Brace Comfort Covers – Are your child’s cheeks and lips getting cut up or agitated by their braces? This plastic cover snaps onto their braces and protects them against those wires and screws.
  10. Chew Stixx – If your child chews on a lot of objects, such as their hair, shirt, pencile or anything else, this is a better alternative that ios healthier for their teeth and bacteria resistant.

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