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Financial Planning For Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures: 10 Ways To Afford Your Dental Work

Financial Planning For Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures 10 Ways To Afford Your Dental Work

When it comes to undergoing a full mouth dental reconstruction, you will likely need to financially plan for the process. Because even if you have dental insurance, it may not cover the costs of the whole procedure.

But if you need to undergo a full mouth dental reconstruction, the price is worth the cost. Since we understand a full mouth dental reconstruction can be costly, we have compiled 10 ways you can afford the dental work you need.

Talk To Your Insurance Provider

The first thing you should do after finding out you need full mouth dental reconstruction is to talk to your insurance provider to see how much they will cover. If they agree to cover a portion of your expenses, you can focus on finding other ways to pay for the rest of the procedure.

Look At Dental Financing Options

While you could try to put the cost of your dental work on a regular credit card, it may be more than your credit card limit. Also, depending on how much interest your credit card accrues, this could lead to severe financial difficulties down the road.

There are lines of credit you could look at which are specifically for financing dental work. A couple are:

Talk About Payment Options With Dentist

At Taylor Cosmetic Dental, we care about your dental health and understand that a full mouth reconstruction can be a large expense for someone to absorb. Be sure to talk with us about your concerns and we’ll see if we can work together to find a way to ease your financial burden.

Freelance For Extra Cash

To keep the full mouth reconstruction from impacting your budget too much, you can try your hand at freelancing from the comfort of your home. There are many websites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can do jobs ranging from graphic designer to virtual personal assistant. It can be a great way to secure extra cash for your procedure.

Dental Costs Covered By Charities

There are dental-focused charities which can help people afford dental work. These charities have different requirements with some focused on children and others emphasizing that they help domestic abuse survivors. Check to see if you can qualify for help from a charity.

Crowdsource Your Dental Costs

Dental charities tend to be bombarded with requests for help. Which is why crowdsourcing has become such an effective and popular option when looking to cover dental costs. Using sites like Indiegogo or GoFundMe, you can set up a campaign and allow family, friends and even kind strangers help pay for your full mouth reconstruction.

Do Odd Jobs To Boost Dental Savings

There are plenty of odd jobs you can pick up to help you save for your full mouth reconstruction. Some easy jobs you can do to boost your dental work savings are:

  • Pet sitting/dog walking
  • Drive for Uber or Lyft
  • Tutor online for sites like StudyPool, CheggTutors

Sell From Home

You can go through your possessions to see what you might sell. From clothes to vinyl album collections, you can sell them from your home either via eBay, Craigslist or through a yard sale. You may want to do a combination them, selling the higher ticket items that are easy to ship on eBay.

Trim the Budget To Save For Dental Work

Most of us are not living so tightly that we can’t find places to trim back on our budget. Take a critical look at your spending habits to determine where your spending habits can be curtailed. Common areas where overspending occurs:

  • Food – Fast food purchases, higher-priced grocery items, and eating out are all areas that can be severely cut back.
  • Transportation – Cut down on transportation costs by walking and biking to more places.
  • Entertainment – We spend more on entertainment than we expect. From movies to Hulu subscriptions, there are areas where spending can be curtailed.

Ask For Possible Dental Alternatives

If you need a full mouth reconstruction, any alternative will be nothing more than a stop-gap measure. However, your dentist may be able to piecemeal your dental work into several different sessions or give you dental work alternatives that will help for a few years as you build up your finances.

When a dentist recommends a full mouth dental reconstruction, it is because you need it to enjoy a higher quality of life. So, whatever route you choose, don’t leave yourself in pain any longer than you have to as you gather the money to finance your dental work.

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