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Professional Dental Bonding Benefits For Montana Residents

Professional Dental Bonding Benefits For Montana Residents

There are many services when it comes to cosmetic dentistry but not all of them are well-known. One of the less talked about procedures is dental bonding.

Dental bonding uses resin to repair and improve a person’s smile. The resin is matched to the patient’s teeth for a completely natural look. Dental bonding is a faster procedure than porcelain veneers while producing a similar effect. However, this option is not a cure-all and is best for certain kinds of teeth improvements.

What Dental Bonding Can Repair

Dental bonding should only be used on healthy teeth. At Taylor General & Cosmetic Dentistry, once Dr. Taylor has made sure your teeth are healthy, he will recommend dental bonding if these benefits are applicable to your situation.

  • Cavity repair – It can be used to fill cavities after the decay has been removed by Dr. Taylor. It will give the filling a natural look, unlike an amalgam filling.
  • Lengthen teeth – Whether due to age or genetics, sometimes people find their teeth are shorter than they would like. Dental bonding can add length to their teeth quickly and painlessly.
  • Alter color – If one or more of your teeth are discolored, you can choose the color of resin to improve the color of your teeth.
  • Repair damage – You don’t have to live with cracked or chipped teeth. With some resin applied, your tooth can be repaired and strengthened against further damage.
  • Protect gums – If your gums have receded and exposed your teeth’s root, dental bonding can create a protective layer to shield your teeth from damage.
  • Change shapes – Everything from gaps to an odd-shaped tooth, Dr. Taylor can alter your teeth’s shape so you can flash an even smile.

Benefits Of Dental Bonding

Outside the repair benefits of dental bonding, there are other less direct benefits of dental bonding.

  • Greater confidence – When your smile is at its best, you can feel more comfortable talking or simply smiling instead of remembering not to smile and show teeth.
  • Teeth strengthening – Dental bonding removes the least of the enamel on your teeth compared to crowns and veneers. With the resin to protect the tooth from further damage and the enamel intact, your teeth are even better protected.
  • No anesthesia – Unless you are using dental bonding to repair a cavity, you will not need anesthesia for your dental bonding procedure.
  • Fast procedure – Dental bonding is a fast procedure and can usually be done all in one visit unless you need multiple teeth repaired.

Dr.Taylor has years of experience helping people create perfect, healthy smiles. If you think dental bonding may be right for you, contact Taylor General & Cosmetic Dentistry for your appointment today!

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