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There may come a time where you may need to remove and replace your teeth. This is common for our aging patients. It’s also possible to have considerable bone loss due to illness, malnutrition, damage from traumatic accidents, or simply poor oral hygiene. For those in need of an entirely new set of teeth or just a large section of teeth replaced, dentures or partial dentures are a great way to accomplish this. It’s less expensive than having individual teeth replaced by implants. At Taylor Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer a variety of options when it comes to dentures and other prosthetic equipment for your mouth. Depending on your unique needs, we can customize a treatment plan that works with your financial needs as well as your dental needs.

You can choose from several types of dentures depending on your circumstances and Dr. Taylor’s recommendations.

Partial Dentures

If you’re in need of replacing only a portion of the teeth in your mouth, partial dentures may be the right route for you. Our patients don’t always have to resort to pulling all of their existing teeth before getting dentures. In fact, we aim to save any healthy teeth we can. They’re stronger and better for everyday function.

A partial denture is a less expensive option than a full denture. We can design a partial denture piece to be comfortable and removable; either attached by wires or anchored with implants. A removable partial denture tends to be easier for patients to clean and maintain. However, they may present more problems while eating than a partial denture attached to the jaw with implants.

Traditional Dentures

At Taylor Cosmetic Dental, we make custom fitted dentures for our patients in need of a full set of false teeth. The process takes multiple visits, depending on the current condition of any existing teeth but ultimately, it’s done very quickly. Once we’ve made impressions of your jaw, we send them to a highly skilled lab that creates your custom fitted denture. We’ll have you come in and try them on once they’re done (this can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, a rush option is available). In our office, we make adjustments to your denture to make sure you have a comfortable fit.

It is not uncommon for patients to take their new dentures home and find that they are not comfortable anymore. Your games may become sore and agitated by the prosthesis. This is very common and often expected. Do not hesitate to call our office. We’ll have you come in right away to make any more necessary adjustments to your denture. Dr. Taylor wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your final set of dentures as he knows they’ll have a huge impact on your quality of life.

Implanted Dentures

Implanted dentures can be more expensive than traditional dentures but they are generally considered the superior option. You never need to be without your teeth with implanted dentures. Having your dentures secured to your gums will give you confidence when eating with others or even speaking. You’ll never have to worry about gum irritation, adhesives, or soaking your dentures in cleaning solutions. Also, with posts implanted in the jaw bone, you’re less likely to suffer from jaw bone disintegration.

Removable Implant-Supported Overdenture

Like regular implanted dentures, removable implant supported overdentures have posts implanted into your jaw bone. However, some patients prefer the removable option as they can be less expensive. Implanted dentures tend to be made with more durable materials while removable implant-supported overdentures are mainly acrylic. It does make cleaning your gums and dentures easier being able to remove the prosthetic piece for cleaning and easier access to your natural gum line.