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Instant Orthodontics

Orthodontics is all about straightening teeth to create a beautiful smile. Most of the time, this process involves a significant amount of time wearing braces, which can be cumbersome, painful and confidence draining.


Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, dentists and orthodontists are now able to help certain patients get their dream smile without traditional braces. One of the technologies we use to do this is minimal tooth movement clear aligners, also known as MTM. The MTM system uses clear, removable aligners to fix imperfections in your smile. Each aligner is customized with precision and tailored to help you achieve your ideal smile. These aligners were created by Dentsply Sirona, an American dental equipment manufacturer and producer based in Pennsylvania.


Without traditional brackets or bands, we are able to use MTM’s technology to gently move teeth into place with plastic liners that progressively put pressure on teeth to move them into the correct position.

minimal tooth movement clear aligner

The first step is to meet with us for a consultation where we can determine if you are an eligible candidate for MTM. If we determine you can benefit from these treatments, we will take impressions and photographs to send to the MTM lab for creation.”

After receiving the aligners, you will begin by wearing the first aligner for three weeks before moving to the second aligner and so on. After the treatment has concluded, you will wear a retainer for a period of time.


  • Traditional braces typically have a much longer treatment plan. WebMD reports the average time patients wear braces is between 18 months to three years. The average MTM process is approximately 3 to 6 months.
  • Braces limit the types of food you can eat, say goodbye to caramel apples and corn on the cob! Because MTM aligners are removed during meals, you won’t miss out on your favorite foods.
  • It can be hard to keep teeth clean with traditional braces while MTM aligners are removed for cleaning.
  • MTM aligners have a flat fee for the entire process while other clear aligner products often charge per aligner.
  • WebMD estimates that the average cost of traditional braces is between $5,000-$6,000 while puts the average cost for MTM at $2,150. Invisalign, a competitor to MTM aligners, retails between $3,500 up to $8,000, depending on treatment needed.
  • People expect to see teenagers with braces but it can be taboo for adults. Since the advent of clear aligners (first with Invisalign in 2000), more and more adults are turning to invisible options that won’t affect their confidence.
  • Less time at the dentist’s office. Traditional braces need to be adjusted every 4 to 6 weeks for up to three years. With the MTM system, you will be going to the dentist every three weeks for your new aligner, but that will only last for 3 to 6 months.


Above and beyond having a beautiful smile that gives you confidence, having straight teeth has numerous health benefits, Teeth that are not properly aligned can lead to a myriad of issues. For example, teeth that are too spaced out can make chewing less effective. Teeth that are too crowded can make flossing difficult, and a lack of flossing can lead to gum disease. Midline discrepancy can lead to painful jaw tension. Tipping and rotation can affect one’s overall bite, leading to tooth decay and pain.


While this technology is so amazing it would be great if everyone could take advantage of it, there are certain types of smiles that it works more effectively on. Those with spacing, crowding, midline discrepancy (when your upper and lower teeth are not aligned), tipping (when one of your teeth is slanted inward or outward), and rotation issues are the great candidates for MTM.


As with any type of removable aligner, it won’t work unless you are wearing it consistently. According to Registered Dental Hygienist magazine, aligners must be worn 20-22 hours daily for treatment to work. So, if you are someone who is likely to take out your aligner, get distracted and forget to put it in, think long and hard about opting for MTM. One of the benefits of traditional braces is that user error is less likely to cause failure.

Another tip is to speak up if your aligner feels uncomfortable after the first few days of use. Your dentist may be able to make a slight adjustment to the liner that will make you much more comfortable.

Because the treatment process is much shorter than traditional braces, every day counts. So forgetting your aligners on a weekend business trip might actually have a bigger negative effect than you might think!