No-Prep Veneers


Ready for a smile makeover without the pain of other dental procedures? No-prep veneers are the contact lens of the dental world. Like porcelain restorations when bonded to teeth, no-prep veneers are incredibly strong and transformative without the need to damage any enamel to apply the veneer. If you’re searching for a dentist in Billings, MT who can offer you the service of “no-prep” veneers, Dr. Taylor and his dental team will exceed your expectations.

No-Prep Veneer

No-prep veneers have become a wonderful and predictably effective treatment for our patients. Many people are fearful of coming to the dentist, but the idea of having a new smile also appeals to them. In the end, most do not pursue their desire to improve the appearance of their teeth because of their dental fears. But now, with no-prep veneers or pain-free veneers, patients can finally reconcile their fear of the dentist and their desire to receive a smile makeover.

To give you a quick idea of some results, take a look at the following before-and-after photos:

Cases like the one above requires advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, functional occlusion, and dental diagnosis to be able to tell which treatment is best for each unique patient. Dr. Taylor has this advanced training and is able to guide his patients toward a treatment that not only accomplishes their esthetic goals. Shot-free veneers offer the most conservative, predictable, and stable treatment over time for a full smile makeover. He also uses only the best laboratories in the country that produce exceptionally high quality and aesthetic restorations. Using ordinary labs usually means a large compromise in looks and quality. For complex and aesthetic cases, Dr. Taylor only uses labs that are accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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